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Robe for Tarsus Dealer Bash in South Africa

Leading South African technical solutions and rental company MJ Event Gear supplied full technical production - including the latest Robe moving lights - to the 2012 Tarsus Dealer Bash event, staged by the international B2B media group in the Africa Room at Helderfontein Estate near Johannesburg.

MJ was commissioned to supply all technical by event producers Idealist Events and for the fourth year running, Johnny Schultz was given carte blanch to create an overall lighting scheme for the room, which he based on four ‘finger’ trusses, starting over the stage and extending out into the room.

This maximised the low ceiling height in the process optimising the moodiness of low level lighting while also crafting a feeling of more space and depth by connecting the two areas together.

In the centre of the room an additional carnivalesque spherical truss was rigged to support draping and provided lighting positions for two satellite stages around the room.

Four Robe ROBIN MMXs were used for gobo work on the stage and set, and to light the backdrop, giving Johnny the chance to maximise the fixture’s amazing dual animation wheel and effects capabilities.

Robe ROBIN 300 Washes and Spots on the finger and circle trusses were used to light the satellite stages due to their high intensity and variable zoom features which were very useful to pinpoint specific areas on stage and to zoom out wide and blast colourful general washes around the room.

The ROBIN 600 LEDWashes were used to produce smooth, subtle, soft back-light onstage, with Johnny commenting on their “Exceptional zoom and superb colour mixing”. He also likes the individually controllable LED rings which can add those extra special zappy details and funkiness to the design and look of the stage.

MJ Event Gear has been investing in and using Robe for some time and has recently taken delivery of several of the new ROBIN series product lines, all of which have been supplied via SA distributor, DWR, also based in Johannesburg.

Johnny operated lighting for the show – presented by Michael Naiker (AKA comedian Kevin Perkins) and featuring live music from top selling rockers Just Jinger – using a Whole Hog II console.