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Robe for MTV Russia

MTV Russia has invested in new Robe moving lights for an upgrade to their busy Moscow Studios.


MTV Russia has invested in new Robe moving lights for an upgrade to their busy Moscow Studios.

This produces a host of different programmes, from news to assorted music shows, including the Chart Show and popular talent competition, "Total Contact".

The Robes were specified by MTV Russia's lighting designer Ruslan Makliatsou and Head of Lighting Igor Korbeineko, following a collective decision made by all the studio's lighting operators and technicians – that Robe was the best option.

The fixtures are primarily concentrated in the ceiling lighting rig at the main Studio 1, run by a Jands Hog console, although they can be moved to other studios and locations as needed.

“We chose Robe because it offered us the most flexibility and best value for money for our available budget” states Makliatsou, adding that they already knew that Robe was a robust and reliable product - essential for any TV studio - as they had been using Robe ColorMix 250's for about 18 months.

They took delivery of the 12 new ColorSpot and 12 ColorWash 575E ATs which join their existing 22 ColorMix 250 ATs.

MTV Russia's head cameraman Alexander Pavlov says, “We like the excellent functionality and wide range of options offered by Robe. We use all the features fully to make effects for the cameras and still we never run out of ideas of how to make the lighting look different and interesting”. The brightness was also a key deciding factor in going for Robe.

Photo caption: Left to right - Igor Korobeineko, Alexander Pavlov, Ruslan Makliatsou, Alex Korolev

MTV had hired the 575 Series fixtures on several previous occasions, so when the refurbishment budget became available, they knew what they needed and wanted, and jumped at the chance of the upgrade.

The fixtures were supplied by Moscow-based Prosvet, one of Robe's Russian distributors.