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Robe For Miller Experience, Durban

The recent Miller Experience Event in Durban, South Africa was a hugely successful dance/DJ event for 5000 people, staged at the Durban Exhibition Centre, KZN. It was organized by East Coast Productions, who were also the technical suppliers with Miller Genuine Draft as the main sponsor.

The spectacular lighting rig was designed by East Coast’s Jacques Marais. It utilized Robe moving lights as the workhorses of the show – a mix of Robe ROBIN 600 Beams, ROBIN 300 Beams, Robe ColorSpot 1200E ATs and ColorSpot 250E ATs.

The artist line up was equally as exciting, featuring hi-energy sets from DJs Fresh and Euphonik, Roger Goode, Gareth Cliff, Sasha Martenigo, Grant Nash and Sam Boylan.

The primary lighting centerpiece was a 6 metre diameter trussing circle suspended above the audience which moved (on chain hoists) during the show. This was rigged with the ROBIN 300 and 600 Beams on which Marais comments “Were amazing”, together with the ColorSpot 1200E ATs.

There were also two H-configuration trusses suspended over the dancefloor, and the ColorSpot 250E ATs were rigged on these, along with a selection of other fixtures.

Onstage was a DJ booth with a large LED screen behind, flanked by 2 Perspex dance podiums.

Marais’ concept for the lighting design was to make a big visual impact so that it became an essential element of the atmosphere within the space in which people could immerse themselves.

East Coast Productions first purchased Robe at the start of 2010 – from Johannesburg-based South African distributor DWR. They were looking to expand their lighting inventory (they also supply sound and AV) and were looking for “Quality, reliability and excellent after-sale service” all of which they found by choosing DWR and Robe.

Robe units are now utilized on all their shows, “They have never failed us,” says Marais, who uses the Robes extensively on all the shows that he personally designs and runs.

The Miller  Experience was the first hands-on chance for him to try out East Coast’s new ROBIN 600 Beams, and he was “overwhelmed” with their brightness and focus range. “They have an incredibly tight beam that I have not seen in any other fixture,” he says. He also thinks the ROBIN 300 Beams “Are a pleasure to work with” and hold their own remarkably for their size when compared to other, bigger fixtures, “They are bright, very light in weight, brilliant for gobo work and have a great selection of warm colours,” he concludes.