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FAZE 800 FT Pro™
FAZE 800 FT Pro™FAZE 800 FT Pro™
LEDBeam 100™
LEDBeam 100™LEDBeam 100™

Michael Pereira of Trinidad & Tobago based creative design and engineering practice Streamline Systems enthusiastically specified Robe and Anolis lighting fixtures for a new installation at the landmark night destination Club India Nex 5.0HD in Chaguanas, Trinidad.

This was an integral element of a major refurbishment and technical upgrade to the 800 capacity club which has enjoyed great success and a high profile over the last five years. The owner wanted a fresh new look to ensure they keep at the forefront of trend-setting on the island.

Pereira chose 10 x ROBIN LEDBeam 100 moving lights and two Robe Faze 800 FT Pro hazer for atmospherics; together with 72 x Anolis ArcSource 4MC LED fixtures for the ceiling grid, with another 16 x used to downlight a set of dangly glass-bead chandeliers.

The LEDBeam 100s are positioned at the front and back of the stage areas and are used in a truly ‘multi-functional’ sense for lighting both live performances and club nights and for their  beams, strobing and wash effects. With the inbuilt selection of authentic colour temperature whites, they also make very effective artist key-lighting.

Above the lighting rig on the stage is the grid of 72 x Anolis ArcSource 4MC downlighters, programmed to produce amazing mesmerizing matrix style effects.

Pereira chose the LEDBeam 100s because they are small, weigh less than 9 pounds each and despite this, can enliven the environment. “They really stand out and make a statement in the space,” he states.

The low power consumption is also a bonus, he explains. The owner previously used 575W moving lights, each of which had to have its own electrical circuit, and he could not quite believe it when Pereira said all 10 LEDBeam 100s could run on one circuit … and still have headroom!

“It’s dramatically reduced the heat and electricity used, as well as increased the reliability and comfort for everyone using the stage and dancefloor,” he says.

The lights are controlled via a LightJockey system which is run day-to-day by a house lighting engineer.

The Robe and Anolis fixtures were all supplied through Robe’s US headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Pereira worked closely with Robe’s own club lighting specialist, David Chesal.

Pereira has been using Robe and Anolis products in his work for around two years and it has quickly become his favourite go-to brand. This is the fourth installation he has specified with them.

“Just opening a Robe box, you can immediately see the excellent build quality and are instantly at ease – without even considering the three year warranty!” he says, adding  that selected club owners and operators in the Caribbean are willing to pay a bit more to have the premium kit.

“Like with everything in life, quality products reflect the status of your venue and your commitment to your public and their experience”.

The LEDBeam 100 is one of Pereira’s favourites right now. “”It’s without doubt the smallest, lightest and fastest moving head I’ve ever used! It’s versatile enough to tour with Armin Van Buuren yet still within the budget for Caribbean nightclub installations … and EVERY time they blow the clients away!” he effuses, adding that they are also a joy to install because of the neat size and tiny weight.

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