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Robe for Anatolian Fire

Acclaimed Turkish fire-dance phenomenon Anatolian Fire has recently purchased Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWash moving lights to add to their own lighting rig and service most of their major shows in Turkey.

products involved

These were specified by the company’s General Technical Manager  Serkan Aydin, and delivered by Robe’s Turkish distributor, Istanbul based Atempo.

Anatolian Fire currently has four on-going troupes – the Anatolian Fire dance show; Troya dance performance; the Anatolian Fire Kids Group performance and the Troya exhibition troupe.

Established in 2002, they are involved in staging about 100 shows in Turkey throughout the year, and anything between 20 and 50 internationally in all corners of the globe. A six month April to November season at the Gloria Aspendos Arena in Antalya Belkis Municipality features two to three of their acts and performances.

Aydin explains that for the past four years, they have been wanting to purchase their own lighting rig, but the schedules were so hectic that they were unable to give the project the attention it needed. Finally, this plan came together in 2011, initially starting when he visited Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt in March 2011 .. and saw the amazing LEDWash 600s in action on the Robe stand.

This was followed up by a demo by Atempo at the Gloria Aspendos Arena – which is actually owned by Anatolian Fire.

The ‘Troya’ show’s lighting design was originated by Christopher Ash, and over the last decade, both this and the various Anatolian Fire designs have been developed and evolved. Currently, the lighting designs for all the different variations of the group and their shows are created by their permanent LD, Ahmet Akdeniz, who also operates the lights, using a grandMA2, for their seasonal performances.

Aydin took a good look at the LEDWash 600s – previously, they had worked a lot with a competitor moving light brand - and chose 24 of the Robe fixtures.

He liked their light weight, small size, speed and outstanding light output plus the stylish design of the outer chassis.

The LEDWash 600s are now used for all the regular private and public Anatolian Fire shows in Turkey which can attract up to 5000 people per night. The fixtures create general stage looks and washes and are present in almost every lighting cue in the show. They are an absolutely fundamental part of the design and presentation.

Aydin first became acquainted with Robe in about 2002, shortly after the brand was launched. He always liked their “rugged and strong” products which he also feels offer great value for money. For some time even before the purchase,  the lighting section of their technical riders – for both domestic and international shows  - has specified Robe moving lights as a first choice.

For many years Anatolian Fire had used conventional spot and wash units on their front truss, but once they saw their own new LEDWash 600s in action, they decided to replace these as well!

Overall, having the LEDWashes on-board has made a massive difference to the show, “It’s such an easy fixture to use and has made Ahmet’s life a lot easier with its diverse, powerful output,” comments Aydin.

Another key element in their decision to purchase the Robes is the excellent back-up and after-sales service offered by Atempo, which has an efficient, knowledgeable team of technicians and keeps a good stock of spares.

Aydin concludes, “It makes real sense for us to own our own equipment, and this is as important to the show as the costumes! We need the right costumes and the correct technical equipment  to dance!”

The ROBIN 600 LEDWash is Robe’s fastest selling fixture to date, and has become established across all performance sectors – from high energy dance shows like this to live music concerts, corporate presentations, in TV studios, for theatrical productions and multi-purpose installations. Smaller, brighter, lighter … it is one of Robe’s new generation of ROBIN fixtures also designed to be kinder to the environment.