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Robe DLX Spots Installed at Tanglin Trust School Singapore

Robe DLX LED Spots have been installed in a lighting upgrade at a leading international school in Singapore.

products involved

The Spots were specified by Tanglin Trust School’s Theatre Manager Vincent Teo for the school’s 400 capacity Berrick Performance Hall; they were supplied by Robe SEA’s office, in a sale co-ordinated by Louis Teo (no relation).

The Berrick Performance Hall is a multi-purpose space used for a wide range of shows and events including in-house drama and musical productions, graduation and other academic ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions, music concerts, dance shows and other live performances.

Tanglin Trust School has over 2,700 students of which approximately 60% are British. Every student - across the Infant, Junior and Senior Schools with ages ranging from 3 to 18 years old - uses the space at some stage, with at least two events or productions taking place a week.

The eight DLX Spots are the first Robe products purchased by the school and the first time Tanglin has owned moving lights.

Vincent explained that one of the reasons Robe was successfully awarded the project – which went to open tender - was due to their energy saving properties which addressed the school’s environmental commitments. “Being green is a key objective for Tanglin,” commented Vincent, who also highlighted the school’s need for a high output and flexible lighting fixture.

Buying the power-conscious DLXs also means that Tanglin can add to their lighting rig in the future without needing additional power installed in the building.

Another influencing factor when making Vincent’s choice was the rotating and static gobos and the endless patterns and effects. “I appreciate the fact that you can do shift focus and timing transitions when changing gobos,” added Vincent, “Robe’s superb tungsten emulation and red fade effects are fantastic – they emulate the qualities of a tungsten lamp perfectly!”

The lights get a huge amount of use at the school by numerous people, not all of whom are lighting experts, so they had to be hard wearing. “It has made a massive difference to the shows we can produce,” enthuses Vincent, who is finding he can also do a lot of programming “on-the-fly” with the DLXs as they are very easy to use.

One of the first performances to utilise the new DLXs was the Senior School’s recent production of the popular musical “Return To The Forbidden Planet” where the lighting contributed to the stunning production.

“Above all, the DLX Spots have been a big hit with the students!” concludes Vincent.