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Robe at ISE 2024

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iBeam 350™
iBeam 350™iBeam 350™
iT12 Profile™
iT12 Profile™iT12 Profile™
T32 Cyc™
T32 Cyc™T32 Cyc™

Robe Lighting will exhibit on booths 1C700 and 1D700 in Hall 1 at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) expo 30th January to 2nd Feb February 2024 at Fira Barcelona in Spain, where it and sister businesses – Anolis, Avolites and Artistic Licence – will share a dynamic space and present an interesting array of new and popular products.

Robe’s increased presence at ISE reflects the growing importance of the show as a hub and a forum for production and entertainment technology professionals. Featured this year for the first time is a dedicated lighting & staging hall, together with seven other technology zones, an extensive conference program, CEDIA educational courses, two live stages and over 1000 exhibitors across multiple halls at the Fira in sunny Barcelona!

Robe highlights several new products including from its award-winning IP rated i-series – the iFORTE® and iFORTE LTX®, iPAINTE®, iESPRITE®, iBeam 350™, iTetra2™ and iT12 Profile™ – for all environments – characterised by their innovative features, rugged weather resistance and for being identical to non-IP rated versions of the same products, allowing the flexibility of easy mixing on the same lighting plot.

A brand new variant of the T32 Cyc™ will be previewed, as will the latest in the FOOTSIE1™ and FOOTSIE2™ footlight range, the FOOTSIE™ Slim.

Also previewed is Robe’s much anticipated iBOLT!

The iBOLT™ is a unique, innovative, hugely bright fixture that is the first real replacement for conventional 7K xenon searchlights on the market. With the same feature set as Robe’s groundbreaking and universally popular MegaPointe, the iBOLT can be a beam, spot, wash and effects luminaire for stage and outdoor use. It has a beautiful large front lens and has been described as “a MegaPointe on super-steroids!”

There will be a timecoded ‘Voice of God’ presentation on the booth highlighting all the Robe products, and the company will also have a strong presence at the nearby EARPRO&EES / Midwich Group showroom which will be utilised for invite-only demos of some new and upcoming surprises!

A big turnout of customers and potential new leads for all Robe’s brands is expected at ISE as the expo is seen as a key trade show and a vital forum for the entertainment and production technology sector.



Robe’s most powerful iSeries continues to expand with the IP65-rated iFORTE® which combines a massive output and multiple effects in a package ready for all outdoor challenges including bad weather.

Just 1.5kg heavier than the standard FORTE®, iFORTE® offers all the quality, features, and identical performance of the original luminaire, enabling seamless integration of the two types if desired.

Robe’s iFORTE® LTX WB is currently the brightest fixture on the market and is an ultimate long throw LED wash beam for all environments. It is designed for stadium shows, concerts and all events and spectaculars where serious intensity is needed across massive distances.

Robe’s internally designed, developed, patented, and manufactured iSE-TE™ 1000W XP (Xtra Performance) IP65-rated White LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE produces an incredible, industry-leading 355.000 Lux at 5 metres!


The IP65-rated version of one of Robe’s most popular products, the iESPRITE®, delivers consistent, hassle-free performance without needing complex maintenance whatever the weather or atmospheric conditions!

This and all other Robe iSeries fixtures dramatically reduce the stress and complications associated with outdoor lighting!


iPAINTE® is a high quality IP65-rated short / medium throw profile luminaire that retains all the qualities and features of the highly successful indoor version – PAINTE®.

Robe’s ground-breaking, self-managing, low-maintenance ingress protection technology means this fixture is great for exterior use by removing the threat of rain, dust, humidity, smoke, or haze damage, even in the harshest conditions.

With an identical footprint and DMX map, both iPAINTE® and PAINTE® can be seamlessly integrated within the same lighting rig if desired! Even when rigged next to one another, they look the same which is great for continuity and practicality.


The impressive IP65-rated iTetra2™ moving linear LED bar joins the Robe iSeries, retaining all the coolness and functionality of the indoor version with the added benefit of Robe’s self-managing, low-maintenance ingress protection technology which very efficiently stops rain, dust, humidity, smoke, or haze damage.

With an identical DMX map, features, and performance to Tetra2™, the outdoor iTetra2™ also has the onboard patented RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) which manages humidity, temperature, and pressure control. As an active monitoring system, RAINS™ automatically removes any moisture detected within the fixture.

iBeam 350™

Robe’s massively successful LEDBeam 350™ is now weatherproofed in the iBeam 350™ which will be a big hit with everyone working on outdoor lighting projects.

The iBeam 350™ has all the qualities and features that have made LEDBeam 350™ such a great choice including the self-regulating, low-maintenance ingress protection technology.

As with other iSeries fixtures like the iPAINTE®, iBeam 350™ has an identical footprint, DMX map and resemblance to the LEDBeam 350™, making for smooth integration of both types of fixtures on the same lighting rig!

iT12 Profile™

From single static optically crisp projections to complicated gobo, framing, beam, and colour control, the fully weatherised iT12 Profile™ is an advanced modular outdoor solution for all exterior static projection needs. The fixture has an impressive CRI of 95+ and a 13.000 lumen output.

It offers all the advantages of Robe’s TE™ (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) technology, the standard Robe T-Series colour refinement and consistent and precise replay-ability.

The iSE-MSL-TE™ 500W TRANSFERABLE ENGINE is an IP65-rated self-referencing, rapid changing TE Multi-Spectral light source, and a cost-effective investment that can be exchanged or replaced.


Robe’s architectural and LED lighting brand Anolis has its own space on the booth and will highlight its new Calumma™, Ambiane® and Eminere® product ranges.

Calumma™ M & S fixtures are now available with asymmetric optics specifically designed for street, road, and pathway use, where unwanted glare reduction and efficiency are paramount. The unit is engineered for pole mounted applications that optimise pole spacings and enhance sustainability.

The Ambiane® SP range has been expanded with an adjustable version of the downlight and a new pendant version which offer the same key features – homogenous light output, power balancing, 18-bit dimming and TV friendly green +/- control. Currently these are available in Pure White, Tuneable White, RGBW and Tungsten Dim formats.

The Ambiane® SP16 pendant remote – currently the smallest of the range – will also be on the stand demo – offering an efficient, powerful, and high-quality solution for lower ceiling applications.

There will be one of every fixture in the Eminere range including the ingrounds.

Artistic Licence

Part of the Robe group, Artistic Licence will display a selection of its omnipresent lighting control technology products popular across the entertainment industry and a favourite for systems integrators and installers. As the originators of Art-Net, the company produces an assortment of inventive gateways, splitters, switches, protocol converters and other related networking and test products and solutions.

Avolites will showcase a number of its latest powerful, user-friendly lighting consoles on its dedicated part of the Robe booth, emphasising the synergies and vision existing between all of these Robe businesses.

Robe sees ISE as a perfect showcase for the synergies linking all its companies together and looks forward to a lively and busy show in vibrant Barcelona.

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