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Making a Pointe for Wilkinson

D ‘n’ B producer Wilkinson completed a UK tour ahead of the launch of his new album “Hypnotic” featuring a practical and inventive floor based lighting design created by Vision Factory’s Sam Tozer … which used Robe LEDWashes and Pointes amongst other fixtures, all supplied by Colour Sound Experiment.

Eighteen Pointes were rigged in six vertical upstage towers – 3 per tower – and these were the workhorses of the rig, used for all the major effects and looks. Sam needed a flexible unit to create big, bold beam and gobo looks and one fast enough to keep pace with the freneticism of d ‘n’ b. He also wanted to use a source that had an excellent frost, “I chose the Pointe for its massive scope and multi-functionalism,” he said.

The six LEDWash 300s were positioned on the band risers, while the six LEDWash 600s were downstage at the sides of the stage, so ideal for front lighting the singers and also for general filler on the band.

“The LEDWashes were perfect for the job,” he explained. Their colours matched beautifully, bringing a nice continuity and the speed of the colour mixing and associated colour bumping and chasing effects vibed well with the pace of the music.

Sam has been using Robe products in his work for some time, “At least one Robe product always seems to find its way onto the lighting plot,” he says. He feels that the path Robe is taking by investing in LED fixtures “is definitely the way of the future”.

He also thinks the Robe support network for young and emerging LDs is an asset to anyone thinking of a serious career as a lighting professional, “It’s highly effective as a means of communication, and you can certainly feel comfortable about approaching Robe for assistance with an idea or a suggestion. The fact they are a friendly and approachable company indicates a genuine investment in the future of the industry”.


Photo Credit: Fresh to Death