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LMP Gets Certified

Robe’s International Customer Support Manager Steve Eastham enjoyed a successful and productive week at German distributor LMP in Ibbenbüren, Germany, completing official Robe technical product training for the distributor’s own key staff and engineers.

annouThis harmonises LMP’s technical support across the Robe product range - with Robe’s own renowned worldwide ‘certified’ training programme, qualifying the company to set up its own training sessions, issue official Robe product training certificates and give full access to Robe’s Technical Centre.

In addition to the LMP staff, technicians from four key German rental companies attended the product specific elements of the training, covering the MMX range, Pointes and the BMFL series.

This included mechanical component level and the disassembly of bulkheads for ‘deep’ cleaning and repair purposes.

The training procedures and all supporting material, including PowerPoint slides and handbooks were handed over to Harmut Lehner, Senior Service Engineer at LMP, who, going forward will be conducting certificated Robe training on behalf of LMP.

Steve’s comprehensive field training covered Levels 1 and 2 of Robe’s programme.

Level 1 delivers an understanding of various calibrations and how these are achieved and applied to the different Robe products, and preserved during and after servicing.

All methods of software updating are explained, together with a section dedicated to understanding the software module structure, along with basic care and maintenance of the products including disassembly to sub-assembly level.

Cleaning and the appropriate use of the correct lubricants along with basic fault finding are keys to Level 1, with standard checks on stepper motors and outputs from SMPS and ballasts using a multi-meter. Subassembly replacement is covered, and an introduction to the Support section on the Robe website and how to use it for technical assistance proved elucidating, and concludes with the provision of a password to access service manuals and technical bulletins.

Level 2 Involves two days minimum training across a range of both LED and discharge products incorporating all the Level 1 topics plus disassembly to mechanical subassembly component level (i.e. CMY/CTO bulkheads).

On the DL, series Level 2 includes removal of the light engine assembly for service by a distributor or the factory along with other essentials including use of the manuals and procedure for ordering spare parts.

Says Steve, “LMP are a respected Robe distributor of many years’ standing and their status now, as provider of certificated Robe Training, further reinforces this. I look forward to working with Harmut and his colleagues to keep our training current with the exciting new products Robe will be introducing in the future”.