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Jan Audio Invests in Robe LEDWash 300

Studio Berar, Robe’s very active Serbian distributor, has made another sale of ROBIN 300 LEDWashes – this time to add to the hire stock of Jan Audio, one of the country’s top lighting and sound rental companies, established for over 20 years and based in Kysač.

products involved

Jan Audio’s main lighting designer Miroslav Anusiak was a key player in deciding on the new investment in Robe’s LEDWash 300s, saying, “They are really good looking fixtures – small, light and bright – and will be great for all of our work”.

‘Their work’ consists of a wide variety of shows and events – from corporate presentations to concerts and live music tours.

Miroslav adds that from a rental company perspective, they have always found Robe products to be great quality, very durable and “Just never stop working”.

Similarly, they are “Delighted” with the new LEDWash 300s.

Apart from that mentioned above, other things they appreciate on the LEDWash 300s include the low power consumption, the battery powered display and the individual LED ring control, which is great when used as an effect. Also …. They are “A great price!”

Jan Audio bought their first Robes in 2003 – Spot 250XTs which are still going strong today after nine years of active service!

Since then, they have added Wash 250 XTs, Scan, Spot and Wash 575 XTs, and ColorSpot and Wash 575 ATs to their stock, plus Faze 1500 smoke machines, two Robe CyberCue controllers .. and now the new LEDWash 300s.

Miroslav states that the excellent technical and after-sales support from Studio Berar over the years is another key factor in the company initially deciding – and continuing – to use Robe as their moving light brand of choice.