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Intralite Takes the Robe Road

Products Involved

ColorSpot 1200 AT™
ColorSpot 1200 AT™ColorSpot 1200 AT™
ColorSpot 575 AT™
ColorSpot 575 AT™ColorSpot 575 AT™
ColorWash 575 AT Zoom™
ColorWash 575 AT Zoom™ColorWash 575 AT Zoom™
ROBIN® 600E Beam
ROBIN® 600E BeamROBIN® 600E Beam
Wash 575 XT
Wash 575 XTWash 575 XT

Ljubljana based Intralite is a leading Slovenian lighting rental company working in all areas of the industry – festivals, concerts, corporate, theatre and TV - and is committed to offering the very best service and the latest technologies to its clients.

It was established in 2007 by Ales Pirman, who first bought Robe moving lights in 2003 when running his previous lighting company, which was a smaller one-person operation.

The first purchases were 575 XT Washes and ColorSpot 575 ATs which were such a great success that he continued down the Robe route after he set up Intralite.

“I needed good value, highly featured moving lights that were reliable and solid rental company workhorses,” he explains. “Robe was a lot more accessible than any of its competitors on several different fronts,” he comments, adding that the service, support and backup offered by Robe’s Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound was also an important factor in his decision.

Currently Intralite has over 70 Robe units in hire stock comprising ROBIN 600E Beams, ColorSpot 1200 ATs, ColorSpot 575 ATs, ColorWash 575 AT Zooms and Wash 575 XTs. The original lights purchased ten years ago are still in active service!

The Robes are constantly working on all the shows and events in which the company is involved. “The lighting designers and the crews all love Robe,” Ales expands – LDs and operators for all the creative potential and the crews because once they are up in the rig … they rarely need any attention.

Robe is a very well established brand in Slovenia. This is largely due to the work of MK Light Sound, which also has a small dry hire only stock of selected Robe fixtures available for cross rental for the larger shows or peak periods. There is also a healthy inter- company cross rental market in the country for Robe.

Recent shows on which Intralite have used their Robes include Schengenfest (Kaiser Chiefs, Leningrad Cowboys, Parni Valjak, Parov Stelar, Siddhart among others) in Vinica; the Beer & Flower Festival in Lasko; for a Telekom Slovenije event in Krizanke headlined by Duran Duran and a music festival featuring Finnish rockers Sunrise Avenue.

They also regularly light several popular local artists including Balkan singers / songwriters Ceca, Lepa Brena and Goran Bregovic...


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