HSL's new Family Members - First LEDWash 600s in Massive new Robe Purchase

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LEDWash 600™
LEDWash 600™LEDWash 600™

Award winning Blackburn UK lighting rental company HSL is the first in the world to take delivery of Robe's new LEDWash 600 moving lights ..... 40 of which have gone straight out on the JLS arena tour with lighting designer Dave Lee.

This is just part of nearly 300 new Robe moving lights purchased by HSL in the last month to service their currently hectic work schedule, which includes touring, theatre and television productions and corporate events and presentations.

The latest order also included 75 of Robe's new ROBIN 600 Spots, 60 ROBIN 600 Washes, 36 ROBIN 300 Beams, 17 x ColorBeam 700E ATs and 24 ColorBeam 2500E ATs. HSL now has in excess of 2500 Robe moving heads in its inventory, and currently virtually everything is out of the warehouse!

Says HSL MD Simon Stuart, "It was great to be the first ever with the LEDWash 600s for a short while - and everyone who's seen them in action so far has been blown away with the brightness! They all want to use them, so I can see another purchase coming very soon!"

The ROBIN LEDWash 600 has a super-slim construction and 37 individually controllable 10 Watt RGBW multichip LEDs which are arranged in 3 concentric rings - great for eye-candy effects as well as for smooth and even lighting of performance areas, scenery and all sorts of objects and spaces. It's extremely lightweight which is great for venues with limited loading capacities.

Stuart also remarks generally on the new generation of Robe ROBIN fixtures, "Robe have hit the spot with the ROBIN series. Making everything smaller and lighter but with an increased output hits all the buttons, and they can be used on any job whatever the size!"

Two of the ROBIN 600 units fit neatly into a standard GP case, so ideal for expedient truck packing ... which HSL and Robe have been doing a lot of over the last month!

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