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Getting to the Core in Cape Town

Core Productions is a technical show and event supplier headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, with an office in Johannesburg, and a USP of being agile and focused on realizing cool, imaginative and technically ambitious projects with a strong emphasis on safety to a base of premium corporate clients.

The company was founded in 2014 by Bernard Gramann - who has been in the industry since 2000 – and recently made its first significant investment in moving lights  … choosing to go with  Robe!

Bernard became fascinated by the technical production industry when working for a crew company whilst studying. His initial focus was on audio, and between graduating and starting Core production, he gained some years of valuable front-line experience working with other leading event production companies.

In the initial stages of Core Productions, the audio inventory grew steadily – it was Bernard’s background, an area with which he was very familiar, and this was followed by video / AV.

The business took off quickly as Bernard had built up a loyal client base, and it soon reached the stage where lighting sub-hires were disproportionately devouring budgets … so it was a total ‘no-brainer’ to look at purchasing lights.

The 12 x miniPointes, 8 x Spikies, 14 x LEDWash 300s and four LEDWash 300+s all delivered by Robe’s South African distributor DWR were a  substantial commitment, and a decision based on several considerations.

Bernard – although initially a Noize Boy - worked with several competitor moving light products in his previous companies, and he certainly knew both ends of a moving light and what to look out for and what to avoid!

He was recommended to Robe by a few people he’d consulted beforehand, and had known DWR’s Duncan Riley since the start of his career. Core also has an excellent relationship with Bradley Bruchhausen who runs DWR’s Cape Town office, and as we all know, service and after-sales support is everything!

As a company Core chose initially to concentrate on the smaller, lighter, more versatile fixtures. They were impressed by the multi-functionality of the miniPointes and the Spikies with their flower and rotation effects - these are ideal for much of their work.

DWR was able to do a very good deal on the wish list!

They were keen to take the LED route because of the excellent value and the fact that carbon consciousness is the way of the future.

Everyone in the company is delighted. The move immediately paid off in a reduction of lighting sub rentals, and they can now supply all technical disciplines in-house, including set design and building. In Cape Town, they work closely with Gearhouse South Africa for rigging.

Currently Core Productions has seven full time staff on the project management team and works with regular freelancers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and other locations.

In Johannesburg Bernard has partnered with Neale Harvey of DNG Presentations Staging, forming a joint venture, Core Productions Johannesburg, which already has access - via DNG – to some of the larger Robe fixtures like Pointes, LEDWash 600s and 600E Spots if they are needed for larger shows.

It's also been a bonus having Robe onboard for cross-hires. Not that there has been much down time for the new fixtures as they have been constantly busy, but it’s an additional benefit of the general brand proliferation amongst the rental community in South Africa!