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Emperor’s Palace Invests in New DLX Spots

Twelve new Robe ROBIN DLX LED Spots have been purchased and installed in the Theatre of Marcellus, the main entertainment venue at Emperor’s Palace Hotel Casino Convention and Entertainment resort in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kevin Stannett, Head of Lighting at Emperor’s Palace (and also a freelance LD) specified the fixtures as part of a recent lighting upgrade. He wanted an eco-friendly solution for the new lighting units as the resort looks to the future and embraces the philosophy of greener operations.

The units were delivered by Robe’s South African distributor DWR, whose Robert Izzett demonstrated the DLX.

“They were exactly what I wanted and more,” states Kevin.

They wanted a fixture with a high output, and apart from that, he was also impressed with the DLX’s zoom, the rich colours and the smooth movement, together with the near-silent operation.

While power consumption is not an issue at Emperor’s Palace, other cost-saving advantages of having LED lighting - like never having to replace the bulbs - were also a definite plus.

He is already familiar with the reliability of Robe products as the ColorWash 2500E ATs units he purchased for the venue in 2007 are still going strong and have worked without a glitch through six years of constant work.

The first show on which the DLX Spots were used was ‘Factory’, produced by innovative singer / songwriter Nataniël, with whom Kevin has worked for the last decade as LD.

He used the DLX’s primarily for gobos and texturing the stage and performers on this show, for which they were “Phenomenal” he states. “The speed of selecting gobos between wheels is amazing and the brightness of the units excellent”.