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CSP Makes New Robe Investment

CSP Productions is one of Singapore’s leading sound and lighting rental operations, involved in supplying some of the region’s most spectacular shows and events. The company is headed by Kenny Heng and has over 200 Robe moving lights in its current rental stock, including a substantial investment over the last 12 months.

What is now CSP Productions has evolved from a number of family businesses in the industry, starting with Kenny’s father’s business Chiap Seng Hiring which supplied event structures and furniture back in the 1970s. So Kenny – and his brother Lee Kiang Heng – were effectively ‘born’ into the buzz, excitement and magic of live events.

CSP started in 1993 and currently has around 40 full time staff plus a regular pool of freelancers. The company is active in all sectors – concert and touring, TV and theatre productions, large scale spectaculars along with a host of corporates and brand activations.

They first invested in Robe moving lights back in 2006 with the purchase of ColorSpot and ColorWash 1200E ATs … which are still working well and in active service declares Kenny proudly, clearly impressed with the ROI!

Previous to that … they had worked with two other well-known moving light brands. In 2006 Robe was just establishing itself and was very much the new-kid-on-the-block, so it was a big jump to take on a new brand at that stage of its development.

“We looked VERY thoroughly at those first Robe fixtures” explains Kenny, “And we could see exactly how well made and how robust they were which was great. We could see the potential right from those early days”. He also appreciated a freshness and vitality that came with the whole Robe experience, and so CSP believed the time was right to start endorsing a new brand.

He’s not looked back! Robe is arguably the most popular and best established brand in Singapore right now … thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Robe Asia Pacific team over the years.

After those initial ColorSpot and ColorWashes, the next Robe purchase was LEDWash 600s which has become an industry standard LED wash light. Then last year they upped the ante considerably ordering 64 x BMFL WashBeams, 120 of the LED ColorStrobes and 36 x Linees – a serious new investment to meet their buoyant order books and ensure CSP keeps bang up-to-date with what designers are specifying.

Kenny has been interested in the BMFL series since it launched in late 2014, and when the WashBeam became available, which was even brighter and more multi-functional than ever, he knew the time was right.

Their initial purchase of 60 x Robe ColorStrobes was boosted when Chingay 2017 Parade lighting designer Javier Tan decided to use them as wash lights – in addition to their standard strobing functionality – to highlight two 360 metre long grandstands accommodating 30,000 people attending the two-day event - a task for which they were perfect.

In the ColorStrobes, Kenny wanted a product that was good for both indoor and outdoor use as well as being mega bright. “It was easily the best choice of LED strobe,” he confirms.

The Linees were initially bought as effects fixtures for the smaller stage at the 2016 F1 Grand Prix. They were the first Linees in Singapore and have since become “a great choice for LDs” says Kenny.

He feels that Robe’s independence as a company is important to their MO and success. “Decisions can be reached very quickly, and having a CEO - Josef Valchar – who is very involved with the product development process ensures the company remains connected at all levels to its investors and end users”.


Photo Credit: Louise Stickland