All Eyes on Robe for T1 Launch at LDI 2018

Robe launches its brand new T1 Profile™ luminaire at the LDI 2018 expo in Las Vegas next week – on booths 2503 and 2603 – revealed for the first time as the show opens on 19th October.

The exclusive reveal of the T1 - The new ONE and only fixture you need for theatre, television and touring - illustrates the strategic importance of the North American market to Robe and recognizes the growing international composition of the trade show and its visitors.

In addition to this, part two of Robe’s ‘Lost World Trilogy’ is set to WOW the crowds - another stunning immersive theatrical stand design, complete with a unique, energizing new live performance developed especially for this once-only occasion at LDI 2018!

The fabulous lightshow will include Robe’s newest technologies like the just launched SuperSpikie and iParFect - the first in a range of IP rated luminaires - together with Robe’s RoboSpot remote follow spotting system, Tarrantula, a large LED washbeam and the ever popular MegaPointes and Spiiders.

All of these and more will be incorporated into the booth design and the spectacular show which will run every hour on the hour.


T1 Profile™

Robe’s latest luminaire, the T1 Profile, is specifically designed to fulfil the challenging requirements of three very diverse disciplines – theatre, television and touring - in one comprehensive fixture.

The revolutionary new MSL™ (Multi-Spectral Light) LED light source is impressively bright, yet the T1 Profile is full of theatrical subtlety.

With CMY color control, and a radical new custom color creation system and wide ranging CCT control from 2700K to 8000K, all variations of color are possible!

The precise needs of theatrical dimming are catered for with Robe’s ultra-smooth 18-bit dimming system, while the high CRI provides the natural and harmonious skin tones so fundamental to theatre and television / film applications.

For television work, there are other features like a plus / minus green channel and a special flicker-free management for use with multiple vision systems and recording formats.

All this is combined with accurate framing shutters, a dynamic focus-tracking zoom, variable frosts, bespoke breakup and aerial gobos, animation wheel and prism, offering total control for finessing and fine-tuning the most demanding of designs for theatre, television and touring.

T1 is The ONE you need!



The SuperSpikie was launched at PLASA last month and has already been trailblazing…

Bigger, brighter and bolder, the SuperSpikie takes the single beam light look to another level!

It is four times brighter than the original Spikie – launched in 2016 - and with the addition of aerial rotating gobos, it becomes a neat little effects machine with even more looks to blast through its substantial high quality 165mm front lens.

The zoom is wider, going from a tight 3.5° beam to a nice soft wash at 42 degrees and the CMY or RGBW color mix options both offer a rich array of shades and hues.

In a fraction of a second the SuperSpikie can change from a razor-sharp beam to a fabulous rich wash light producing a single shadow light output - vital for TV and theatre productions.

A range of in-air effects using different combinations of the aerial gobos, prism or flower effect feature make it a versatile stage, set or studio luminaire which can be mounted in any position, while the fast and continuous 360°pan and tilt rotation adds yet another dimension for all to enjoy.



The all-new iParFect 150 FW RGBW is loaded with cool features starting with an exceptionally-wide zoom of 3.8° to 60°.

It is completely silent due to passive cooling and the IP65 rating makes it ideal for any outdoor application!

Other characteristics include both CMY & RGBW color control, 18-bit dimming and tungsten emulation with both selectable & variable color temperatures providing total output control.

The powerful, punchy beam combined with a Fresnel style beam edge, results in a smooth, beautifully homogenized shaft of light emanating from this compact, lightweight fixture.



This is Robe’s most powerful LED beam/wash/effects fixture to date …

Building on the advanced technology of the popular Spiider, Tarrantula is designed for multiple environments, from concerts to car shows and everything in between, and particularly for large venues and spaces!

It is powered by 36 x 30W and one 60W high powered LED chips, providing a jaw-dropping 20,000 lumens of output!

A versatile optical system offers adjustable beam angle from a tight 4° spot to a super-wide 50° wash, all with the highest quality of light.

The LEDWash 800 inspired Beam Shaper accessory creates a traditional oval beam that can be indexed for precision coverage of the stage or performance area.

Central to the Tarrantula’s advantages is Robe’s exclusive “Flower Effect” adding yet another eye-catching visual dimension. Driven by the 60W RGBW multichip, this creates sharp, speed-controlled spikes of light that can be rotated in either direction.

Intense, fully saturated colors plus a fantastic range of subtle pastel tones with ultra-smooth transitions are possible due to the integrated 18-bit LED dimming system.

Dynamic video-driven effects can be easily achieved by mapping the Tarrantula’s individual pixels via a DMX console or a media server and utilizing the on-board sACN with internal HTP merging via DMX or Kling-Net protocols.



This is a modular remote follow spotting system comprising several different elements that can be used in a variety of combinations to control up to 12 units of Robe’s newest fixtures including the BMFL range, MegaPointes, DL7 and DL4 series luminaires and Pointes.

At the heart of the remote-control element is the ergonomically designed, comfortable to operate RoboSpot BaseStation which can be located anywhere in a venue or show space.  The BaseStation has a large 15.6-inch HD touch screen display, so the operator observes the performance space from a “first person” perspective – like most video games.

A live video picture relays visual and positional information from the MotionCamera/s that are either integral or rigged adjacent to each individual remote spot fixture on the rig. The operator’s commands are instantly transferred to the luminaires via DMX allowing them to perfectly motion track across the stage or performance area.

A full range of hand controls are available for operating the fixtures such as pan, tilt, intensity, focus and many others. These controls are all fully customizable for the operators’ benefit.

The remote lighting desk retains control of all the internal fixture parameters of the fixtures like intensity, gobos, colors and other effects. The console operator can also switch those fixtures designated to the remote follow spotting system between that and the main rig throughout the performance if they wish.

The benefits of running a remote follow spotting system like RoboSpot are numerous.

LDs can choose multiple fixtures – and different types of luminaires – to use for this role in the show, instead of being restricted to having two, four or however many fixed FOH follow spot positions.

They can now highlight an artist with multiple lightsources or with just one or two that are most appropriate when using a certain section of the stage or set, all helping in the creation of optimum drama and the most fabulous of stage looks. 

LDs have the chance to use positions over the stage / in the air which might have previously been inaccessible, even for operated truss spots.

On the health and safety front, using a RoboSpot system means that operators don’t have to be at height in the rig throughout a show, creating a safer and much more comfortable working environment.


BMFL™ FollowSpot LT

This is another new fixture that was launched last month.

It is a brighter ‘Long throw’ version of the standard BMFL FollowSpot, with all the same features as the standard BMFL FollowSpot, but also benefitting from a different reflector and optics with a tighter beam spread optimized for extra brightness over long distances.

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