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A PARfect Solution for Volvo at Landvetter Airport

Robe PARfect S1 LED fixtures, delivering a crisp, well defined 6000K of white light - are providing a great solution at Landvetter International Airport in Goteborg, Sweden, where they are illuminating two separate Volvo car display areas – one in the Departures Hall and the other one airside in Arrivals by the baggage carousels.

products involved

The fixtures were specified and installed by Mediatec, now a US owned Swedish company and specialist in exhibition and conference technical production, headquartered in Kungălv just outside the busy port city of Goteborg. The project manager was Mattias Berglund.

Volvo – both cars and commercial vehicles – has been a Mediatec client for some time. The company has designed specified and lit numerous shows, expos, activations and launches for the world renowned brand – one of Sweden’s most successful. Volvo knows what it wants and demands the highest standards of excellence.

“They are an exacting client but the results always look amazing,” confirmed Mattias, saying that their contacts at Volvo also trust Mediatec’s teams to look after their lighting and visual requirements, and so took their advice on highlighting the display areas at Landvetter.

These went live in January and are permanent, although the model of car on show will change, explained Mattias.

The Departures installation is highly visible and a well-known meeting point. When Volvo took over the space, it was important to have a lightsource that didn’t require any bulb changing – a task that is a big deal in an airport!

Mediatec wanted a single source of LED light that could be shaped – and achieved this using the barn doors which also reduce the glare.

They also wanted a cold white with a good colour quality and a decent output, and it had to be finished in white to match the surroundings and blend in.

“We compared all the different options” says Mattias, “And PARfect was the only one that could give us the single LED source and fulfil all the other criteria as well as being reasonably priced”.

The installation had to be as carbon-efficient as possible in keeping with Volvo’s commitment to sustainable industry.

Matthias had used some of Robe’s moving heads in the course of his work – Pointes and the 700 series in particular, so he knew Robe products are well made and innovative. He’d not yet used PARfects but then Johan Zachrisson from Robe’s distributor Bellalite showed him the S1, and after some testing, he was confident he had the right fixture.

Twelve PARfect S1s with the standard 24 degree lenses are rigged above the main podium on the ceiling beams in Departures. Above the baggage claim display, a small truss is flown which accommodates eight PARFect S1s. In both cases they are focussed to give an even coverage across the car.

The first car on display in Departures is white, which really zings out under the lighting scheme and is clearly visible and eye catching from all angles and levels around the room.

It was so successful and well received that Mediatec completed another similar display for Volvo at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.


Photo Credit: Louise Stickland

A PARfect Solution for Volvo at Landvetter Airport
A PARfect Solution for Volvo at Landvetter Airport
A PARfect Solution for Volvo at Landvetter Airport
A PARfect Solution for Volvo at Landvetter Airport
A PARfect Solution for Volvo at Landvetter Airport