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FOG 850 FT™

FOG 850 FT™, offers the latest portable smoke technology. An ideal machine for easy operation and very suitable for smaller venues, mobile DJs, etc. The FOG 850 FT™ features rock-steady continuous output whether controlled by timer or in stand-alone mode. 

It has a fast warm-up time of under 100 seconds and produces a steady, constant fog for as long as needed without any reheating time in between. The high efficient power control system it allows the fogger to operate at low-level temperatures resulting in 20% less electricity consumption than its predecessor. FOG 850 FT™ sets the standard in ROBE’s portable fogger range. A user-friendly device and outstanding fog machine for clubs, discotheques and small venues.



  • Description

    • Power: AC 230 V/AC 240 V, 50 Hz or AC 100 V/AC 120 V/60 Hz optionally
    • Heater: 800 W
    • Output: 3,000 cu.ft/min.
    • Fluid Consumption Rate: 60 min/0.8 l (100% Output)
    • First Heat-up Time: 1.5 min.
    • Tank Capacity: 0.8 liters
    • Remote Included: Fogging Switch: ON/OFF
    • Weight: 3.5 kg
    • Dimensions (mm): L 315 x W 128 x H 165.5
    • Liquid Used: Standard Fog/Performance Fog/Premium Fog

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