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FAZE 850 FT PRO offers a new concept of Faze machine using both liquid and air pumps, where the liquid in the pipes is mixed with air bubbles before it goes to the internal 800 W heater. Increased fog output is ensured by heater with larger diameter of pipe, which also further improves for self-cleaning, extending the life of the heater.

This new system provides many advantages such as dry fog, lower liquid consumption and less residue potentially affecting stage surfaces or equipment. The liquid does not remain inside of the heater, preventing blockages and extending the heater‘s lifespan. Placed in a sturdy flight case the unit is fitted with a high contrast blue/white display that is easily readable.

The liquid sensor is located in the pipes, allowing efficient liquid usage. Large replaceable fan filters are easily accessible from the outside of the flight case. The Faze 850 FT PRO is a great tool for applications demanding a high quality fog, and is also friendly to sensitive equipment.



  • Description

    • Power: AC 230 V / AC 240 V, 50 HZ or AC 100 V / AC 120 V, 60 Hz optionally
    • Power Consumption: 800 W
    • Output: 3000 cu.ft / min
    • Fluid Consumption Rate: 2 hrs/l (100% Output)
    • Fluid Tank Capacity: 2.8 liter
    • First Heat-up Time: 4 min.
    • Control: Blue LCD screen, Timer mode, Volume mode
    • Weight: 22.9 Kg
    • Dimensions (mm): L 535 x W 465 x H 225
    • Wireless DMX Reciver: CRMX™ from Lumen Radio (Optional)
    • DMX Channel Occupied: 2 Channels (one for fog output; one for fan output)
    • Liquid Used: Standard fog / Performance fog / Premium Fog


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