Robe ROBIN Roadshow in Greece

In mid February, the Robe ROBIN International Roadshow reached Greece, hosted by Robe's exclusive Greek distributor Philippos Nakas SA across two events, the first in Athens in the main Nakas show room, and the second 2 days later at the Nakas conservatory training facility in Thessaloniki.

Robe's Ingo Dombrowski and Radim Žlebek presented the Roadshow together with Stavros Mourikis, Kostas Giokas and Victor Dikis from Nakas. It featured a full range of the new ROBIN 600 and 300 Series of fixtures including the amazing LEDWash 600 - Robe's fastest selling and most popular product ever!

In addition to these, at both events, they also showed the ColorSpot 700E AT and ColorWash 2500E AT to approximately 25 high quality and very interested visitors in Athens and about 15 in Thessaloniki.

Dombrowski presented a 'walk through' of the products assisted by Žlebek who was operating all the lights using a Jands Vista desk.

As expected, huge interest was focussed on the LEDWash 600 with its superior colour mixing, 'real' whites and 15 - 60 degree zoom, which gives the versatile option of producing both wash and spot effects.

The ROBIN 600 Spot, Wash and Beam also attracted a lot of attention.

Most of the attendees were from the rental business, together with some lighting designers, and in Thessaloniki, customers from the Music Megaron concert hall.

Says Kostas Giokas, "It was a great opportunity for our local clients and potential new customers to see the new products and latest technologies in action. People were very proud to be offered the opportunity of receiving the information direct from the source, and also pleased to see these new products so early on. We feel that Robe is an industry leader and its latest products and proactive R 'n' D is really driving the market forward!"

The market situation in Greece is still "Challenging" admits Dombrowski, however there are also signs of potential business picking up.

People are certainly looking at smaller more innovative products that have lower running costs, and so the ROBIN range is absolutely perfectly placed for helping to get things up-and-running again in this context. Customers are also looking for reliable long lasting options giving a good long-term investment, and everyone at the Roadshow commented that the proven reliability of Robe is a really excellent selling point.