Robe CitySource 96s for San Ramon Valley Bible Church

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CitySource 96™
CitySource 96™CitySource 96™

When Zamar Media Solutions from San Jose, California was asked to propose a new LED lighting scheme for San Ramon Valley Bible Church, they knew exactly which fixtures fitted the remit – Robe CitySource 96’s with smart white.

The Church has a busy schedule of services and events; Zamar understood that the main requirement was to cover the stage area seamlessly with pleasing, warm light that would render natural skin tones for both cameras and live viewing audiences.

The lighting design was created by Zamar’s Josh Kimmich. It’s the first time the company has used the CitySource 96 fixture, which was launched at the end of 2009, but Zamar has worked with Robe fixtures – primarily moving lights - on numerous other House of Worship installations, so they knew they could rely on the quality, engineering, and reputation of the brand.

“LED is just starting to gain popularity with our church clients” says Zamar president Michael Dow, adding that as far as he’s aware, this is the first all-LED lighting rig in a church in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The client specifically requested that LED units be used for their energy-saving properties and environmental friendliness.

Housed in a compact, IP65 rated aluminium casting, the CitySource’s 96 high-brightness Rebel LEDs provide an incredible light output previously unavailable in LED fixtures of this size. Control is via DMX/RDM allowing for advanced programming options - in this case they’re controlled by an ETC SmartFade - and the latest processing electronics ensure a stable white balance is achieved as well as a minimum life expectancy of 60,000 hours.

The CitySource 96s were selected for their brightness and homogenized lightsource, which produces an ultra-smooth quality of light similar to an incandescent fixture, making it ideal for this application where mimicking tungsten light topped the agenda.

They are hung from the ceiling of the venue above the stage, and are now in use every week.