Documentation and software updates

Here comes a regular rundown of recent updates on the ROBE website, bringing information about new software, documentation and other important news.



We have been releasing maintenance updates for several products, including Tetra2 (improved pixel control) , MegaPointe® (hotspot movement improvement and prism reset improvements), ESPRITE™ , and T1 Profile™ (high fan improvements). Few important updates are mentioned below in mode depth:


Viva™ CMY and SilverScan™ Dimmer Improvements

We have released software update for Viva™ CMY and SilverScan™, improving it's performance in dimming. Please note this update may change slightly your existing dimming characteristics in a cue list.


MMX Spot, MMX Blade, MMX WashBeam Software Update

New software has been released, to provide compatibility with a new lamp driver. If you replace a driver in any of the MMX Spot™, MMX Blade™ , MMX WashBeam™, make sure to update the software first. New software is automatically ensuring correct detection and control of lamp driver in the MMX Series.


iPointe Software Update

New software for iPointe® brings enhanced fan thermal control of the lamp, ensuring better lamp temperature for lamp stability and lifetime. This update is mandatory so please make sure to update all your units.


ROBE Uploader

To update your units in a quick way, connect them through a network switch to a computer running ROBE Uploader, this will allow you to update all Robin Series units with RNS2 Touchscreen Interface at the same time. Latest version of ROBE Uploader is 4.3, released this January, bringing several improvements to update libraries handling. ROBE Uploader is updating itself automatically, and you can download the installation packages for Windows, Linux and macOS from here.




User Manuals, DMX Charts, Technical Bulletins

Make sure to download latest versions of documentation either from our website or via synced folders. New Technical Bulletins have been uploaded online, this being two RoboSpot related documents - TB69_RoboSpot uSD Card and TB70 RoboSpot base upgrade kit. Make sure to sign-in to see listing of these files.


Certification Documents

Several updated Declarations of conformity, TUV Certificates, Declarations of Conformity and cETLus documents have been updated/uploaded new, this covers the BMFL Series, T1+ BMFL™ LightMaster Side/Rear  , Tarrantula™ and also ESPRITE™.



Training Dates for 2020 as well as training program have been uploaded online to the Support Section of our website, listing available training sessions for ROBE and our subsidiaries. Make sure to sign-in to see listing of these files.



Service Manual for Tetra2™ has been uploaded online. Price list of spare parts now includes these new components and the website has also been updated. Make sure to sign-in to see listing of these files.