Software update for Esprite with enhanced quiet mode and other updates

We have released software update for Esprite with many changes and improvements, including quieter Quiet Mode and smoother dimming curve. Additional software for RUNIT, RUNIT/WTX (DMX Sniffer, Log Reader, DMX-ArtNET-controller) has been re-worked to also include 64bit binaries for latest macOS update. New and updated TUV, cETLus and other documents uploaded. Read on for more details.

Software update for Robin Esprite

We have released software update for Esprite™, improving it's performance in Quiet Mode and smoother dimming, adding predefined color filters to Virtual Color Wheel and more. We have implemented Gobo replacement assistant to the menu, providing convenient way of swapping rotating gobos. This update is also including improved LED driving and enhanced PCB start up sequence, which are essential for problem free operation and this update is therefore important to apply. You can use ROBE Uploader to update one unit at a time or multiple fixtures at once.


Service manual and noise measurements for Esprite

Service manual and Noise measurement protocol have been uploaded to the Esprite™ product page. As always, the service manual does require you to sign-in in order to access it.


Additional software for RUNIT with 64bit support

All additional software for RUNIT WTX™ and Robe Universal Interface™ has been re-worked, ensuring support for 32/64bit operating systems for all supported platforms - Windows, Linux and macOS. ROBE Uploader has had this for some time already, now we added it to RDM Manager, DMX Sniffer, Log Reader and DMX-ArtNET-controller, available for download here.


Certification documents

New and updated Declarations of Conformity, TUV and ATM cETLus have been uploaded to product pages of SilverScan™, T1 Profile FS™, T1 Profile™, T1 Fresnel™, T1 PC™, SuperSpikie™, Tarrantula™, iParFect 150™ FW RGBW and iParFect 150™ FW RGBA, together with noise measurements for Esprite™, T1 Fresnel™ and T1 PC™.


Documentation update for Tetra2

At LDI we have revealed Tetra2™, new linear bar building on the Spiider and Tarrantula technology. Previous documents which used the name "Tetra" are now being updated to Tetra2 as some specifications (dimensions, DMX charts) have changed slightly and we have been in process of uploading them onto the product downloads page.


User manuals, DMX charts, software and other updates

New and updated user manuals, DMX charts, photometrics diagrams, software updates etc are being updated constantly, including the recent uploads for the new LEDWash 800X™, LEDWash 600X™ and LEDWash 300X™ and other products.