RoboSpot update with new supported devices. Documentation updates.

Freshly released RoboSpot software update provides new features (Intensity Maps, PosiStageNet...), support for several new lighting fixtures, including the SilverScan, Spiider and other improvements. Service manual and new spares parts list for SilverScan is now available online. New and updated documentation has been released. Read on for further details.


We have released new software update for RoboSpot™ , featuring several new functions and possibilities:

Setup range of Min/Max values for MDC Height Slider. This feature gives you much higher precision while live controlling Height attribute.

MDC Intensity Maps is a completely new feature which allows you to define specific intensity on particular points of the stage and the RoboSpot will provide automatic transitions between these points by adjusting dimmer accordingly. The type (size/speed) of the transition can easily be adjusted.

CTO channel has been added to Colour Buttons selection.

We have implemented support to output the PosiStageNet protocol, to provide means of transmitting real time 3D positioning data of the beam over Ethernet connection from RoboSpot. This allows you to integrate RoboSpot even further into supported systems.

Several RDM improvements have been added, for RDM enabled splitters which announce themselves as multiple devices.

Support for new devices in RoboSpot: Viva™ CMY, LEDBeam 150™, Spiider®, Tarrantula™, Esprite™, iPointe® and also the nimble SilverScan™. Make sure to update these individual devices to enable this feature.

This update is available as always, via ROBE Uploader , user manual has been updated to contain explanation to all these new features and is available online.

Technical Bulletins update - improvements to covers for Spiider and Spikie fixtures

We have released two new technical bulletins describing improvements to covers of Spikie® and Spiider® - both receiving new safety cable for additional safety protection of their head covers. The bulletin for Spikie® is available on the documentation download page, while we have already started providing the additional safety rope to all of our distributors. Technical bulletin for Spiider® is also available among other technical documentation and describes changes for improvements on the head covers.

Several other technical Bulletins have been created/updated, for example TB35_Robin_Touchscreen_Display, TB34_Recommended_Toolbox, TB69_RoboSpot_uSD_Card, TB53_Robin_BMFL_CMY_module_reassembly_procedure, all available on the Support section of Robe website and via folders shared through Resilio.

Service Manual and spares list update

Service manual for SilverScan™ has been released, together with updated list of spares and with and update to the Spares Catalog. We have uploaded all Anolis related service manuals to the Support section of Robe website for easier and more streamlined access.

Documentation update

We have updated many user manuals and other documentation including TUV certificates and ATM cETLus for our fixtures. We have of also released documentation for the new Esprite™ and Tetra™ fixtures, including user manuals, DMX charts, photometrics, 3D data and GDTF files, which contain DMX, 3D models, gobo images, color values and also LED spectral data measurements and other information.

Software updates

It is super easy to track software updates and changes via the ROBE Uploader application, so here are only few highlights of recent updates:

T1 Profile™, T1 Fresnel™ and T1 PC™ have received a large update improving a lot of details in regards to color behavior, framing system and optical system resets, strobing, CRI handling and several others internal features.

Devices which are newly supported by RoboSpot have all been updated to allow this remote controlling possibilities. You must make sure to perform an update of the lighting fixtures prior to their connection to RoboSpot Base station.