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All Musik based in Skara, is the first rental company in Sweden to take delivery of Robe’s VIVA LED spotlight, a fixture which is perfect for servicing their eclectic array of clients covering corporate shows, smaller music festivals and niche events.

The VIVAs are the latest Robe purchase for All Musik which is run by the eccentric and interesting character of Alf Kjellson, former drummer and big music aficionado who has been in the industry for 37 years – all his working life he emphasises! He founded the company in 1996 and they have been at the current 12,000 square metre warehouse on the outskirts of picturesque Skara since 2012.

One of Sweden’s oldest cities, it is known for its ecclesiastical and educational history.

The new VIVAs, delivered by Robe’s Swedish distribute, Bellalite, join All Musik’s existing 12 x DLX Spots from the DL Series and 20 LEDWash 600s which are all constantly working.

Alf first invested in Robe over 10 years ago – with the ColorSpot and ColorWash 250E AT series, when that was launched - and has kept a keen eye on how the brand has been developing since.

“I made the conscious decision a few years ago to focus on fewer brands but good ones,” he explained, adding that he’s been dealing with Bellalite for some time and enjoys a great working relationship with the Stockholm and Goteborg based sales specialist.

“VIVA is very bright for its class of luminaire, it’s excellent value for money, it’s great for rock shows and music concerts, at 17Kg it’s light … and so the crews love them!” declares Alf, who was keen to be ‘the first’ in Sweden!

The new lights went straight to work on the Lidköping County Festival a two day music event for 1700 people. They were also used to light the bar area of the 2016 LLB Expo, Sweden’s leading lighting, audio and AV trade exhibition; utilised to illuminate plants in a large conservatory and have upcoming corporate shows with Volvo and for the Swedish Air Force.

“They are great – we can use them pretty much anywhere and in any style of show,” he enthuses, following the path of his DLX Spots and LEDWash 600s what have proven dynamic ‘workhorse’ products over the years.

“I think Robe is very innovative and leading the path of where to go as a manufacturer right now,” he says.

The company owns four staging / roof systems which are all out the entire summer.

Robe’s VIVA is an elegant, energy-efficient fixture packed with smart effects.

Its 270W white LED light engine offers a punchy beam and 20,000 hours of operation, so no re-lamping is anticipated for the entire lifespan of the unit!

Radiant colours can be applied via two colour wheels, and rotating or static gobos added in to the light path for projections or mid-air effects. A streamlined zoom can go out to 40 degrees at its widest and be softened with variable frost to create a gentle wash-like output or inventive background projections. The minimum 8° zoom produces a piercing beam that can be trimmed with an ultra-fast step-less iris for really effective output. An extremely fast pan / tilt movement utilizes Robe’s proprietary EMS (Electronic Motion Stabilizer) technology.


Photo Credit: Louise Stickland