Robe Helps to Transmit the Message in Iglesia Centro Familiar de Adoración

Products Involved

LEDWash 1200™
LEDWash 1200™LEDWash 1200™
MMX Spot™
MMX Spot™MMX Spot™

Since 2003, pastors Emilio and Bethany Abreu dreamed about building a church in which to hold services for more than 20,000 people in Asunción, Paraguay … and in 2009 their dream came true with the Iglesia Centro Familiar de Adoración (CFA).

Since then the search for excellence and the challenges presented by the building itself, together with the quest to be as sustainable as possible, led them to renew the original lighting equipment and install Robe LEDWash 1200s, MMX Spots and the new Pointe multi-purpose fixtures.

Mr. Jorge Miers, TV and Multimedia Director at the Iglesia CFA, says, “I conducted some research keeping in mind the requirements of this first purchasing stage of new equipment. Together with Pastor Abreu and the administration board and thanks to technical consultation with Guillermo Traverso - Robe lighting’s Regional Sales Manager for Latin America - we chose the Robe brand.”

Everyone embraced the idea of offering the highest level and quality of equipment and production values to give the best to the entire congregation.

The new lighting setup includes 12 x MMX Spots, 12 x Pointes and 12 x LEDWash 1200s. These are used to light the main platform and stage that is used for hosting and presenting events, concerts and worship meetings under the direction of Jorge and Technical Operator Adolfo Cardozo.

Recently the church was visited by “Funky”, a Christian music composer and singer from Puerto Rico, who used the new lighting setup for the first time. It resulted in a huge impact made by the lightshow, with positive comments overwhelming the church’s social media channels!

Jorge comments: “During the concert and for several days afterwards, the congregation really noticed the new lighting setup at each service. It was brilliant to see the fixtures  meet our needs 100%!”

As a result of the new lighting installation the church can offer “Precision and perfection for all our music events and in the process create a perfect atmosphere to include the congregation as part of the Preacher’s address,” enthuses Jorge.

Being one of the biggest churches in Latin America today the main goal of CFA is to provide a message of hope and salvation by all possible means.

Over 6,000 people gather weekly in the church during one worship session on Saturdays and two on Sundays. CFA also stages concerts with local and international artists, artistic and theatrical productions, together with regular seminars, workshops and training forums for all the church’s members.