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ROBIN® 300E Beam

The ROBIN® 300E Beam uses a Philips MSD Gold 300/2 MiniFastFitlamp and has a beam angle of 1.6 – 6.5 degrees, complete with dichroic glass reflector for maximising the light output. As with all Robe fixtures, there is a host of creative features. In additional to full colour mixing, there is a colour wheel with 7 replaceable "SLOT&LOCK" dichroic filters, plus static and rotating gobo wheels. The ROBIN® 300E Beam has a variable frost effect for the smooth transition from a beam light to a regular wash light. Full dimming a variable strobe effect and a pan and tilt of 540/260 degrees are also onboard. The ROBIN® 300E Beam is robustly engineered to Robe's exacting specifications and reliability standards.

Technical Specification

  • Philips MSD Gold 300/2 MiniFastFit lamp, CCT 8,400K, Luminous flux 22,000 Lm, CRI >75, 2,000 hrs lamp life
  • Electronic auto ranging power supply, 100 –240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • RNS2 - Innovated Robe Navigation System with LCD touch screen and battery backup, gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning and operation memory service log with RTC (patent pending)
  • Beam angle 1,5°– 6,5°
  • Full CMY dichroic colour flag system - for smooth and fast colour mixing, predefined colour macros
  • 7 + 1 user replaceable magnetic "SLOT&LOCK" trapezoid shaped positions on the colour wheel (patent pending)
  • Rotating gobo wheel with 7 + 1 user replaceable magnetic "SLOT&LOCK" gobos (patent pending)
  • Static gobo wheel with 5 gobos, 4 beam reducers + open position
  • Motorized focus
  • Variable frost effect, pulse sequences
  • Mechanical dimmer/shutter, Strobe effect 1–10Hz
  • Electronic ballast with dimming and el. strobing possibilities
  • Pan and Tilt movement in 16/8 bit resolution 540°/260° with locking mechanism
  • Communication protocols USITT DMX-512, ArtNet, MA Net, MA Net2, RDM

gobos & colours

Colour Wheel
Fixed Gobo Wheel


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