Big Brother Africa - ROBE lighting

Big Brother Africa

15 August 2011

Robe fixtures made their own impression on the set of the latest Big Brother Africa TV series, with over 50 Robes supplied for the show which was recorded at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa, and broadcast on DSTV.

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Big Brother Africa

Lighting was designed by Peter Rieck from Blond Productions (who also supplied the lighting equipment), who worked closely with Sean Hoey from Dream Sets who created fresh scenic elements, based on accentuating and highlighting some of the show's technical and visual elements.

The Robe fixtures added mood, colour, beams and shapes and general 'camera-candy' to the equation.

The lighting rig comprised 12 x Robe ColorSpot 700E ATs hung on the trussing over the main stage, 6 x ROBIN 600 Beams on the deck, together with 12 ColorSpot 250E ATs also for low level beam lighting, plus 24 x Robe Scan 575 XTs, which were positioned at side stage and along the LED screens.

The ROBIN 600 Beams are new to Centurion, Pretoria based Blond Production's rental stock. Their crew think they are "Awesome" says Blond's Christiaan Ballot - not a man to mince his words!

Other features that they like generally about Robe include : "nice rich colours"; interchangeable gobos due to them being similarly sized; "amazing" optics and the fact that they are "Robust and never say die".


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