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Software Update Minime v3.0 Software
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Software Update Minime v3.0

This updates takes about 10 minutes, do not unplug the fixture during the update. Alternatively, you can also re-create the internal SD Card, see Technical Bulletin #40 MiniMe Disk (login required to access this document).

* support of NAS systems for media synchronization
* for linear or random gobo selection mode (DMX = 251,252), number of gobos not limited to 250 gobos or movies
* for linear or random gobo selection mode (DMX = 251,252), next gobo is switched after end of previous playing movie
* fixed transition effects timings
To perform software update of the fixture:
1. Connect the MiniMe to the mains.
2. Plug the USB flash drive into the fixture.
3. Initialize the USB flash drive (via menu "Init USB") and unplug it.
4. Plug the USB flash drive into computer.
5. Download update file from Robe website into your computer.
Note: Please make sure the full name of the update file is minime_vxxx.tar.gz
(vxxx=version number) before you upload it into the USB flash drive.
6. Upload update file into /minime/update folder on the the USB flash, then safe-unplug it.
7. Plug the USB flash drive back into the MiniMe.
8. Run graphical software update via menu Special-> "Sw Upd".
9. Run HW processors software update via menu Special -> "FW Upd".

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